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Citrix X1 Mouse

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What is a X1 Mouse?
Its a special mouse that allows you to interact with HDX published resources form XenApp or XenDesktop using Citrix Receiver on iOS or Android – In plain English it allows you utilise the X1 Mouse with Windows apps & desktops using the Citrix Receiver on any iOS device that supports the Citrix Receiver which can be downloaded from the UK Apple app store at –*

The X1 Mouse is compatible with Citrix Receiver 5.9.5+ and as of 15/05/2015 the following OSes are supported iOS 8.3+, iPad 3+, iPhone 5+, Windows PC (with Bluetooth 4.0), Windows 7,8 and Android 4+. For more technical information please check out the datasheet is available at –

The X1 Mouse is also compatible with the following with iOS apps GoToMyPC, ShareConnect and WorxDesktop reference the support page at – and the datasheet as of 15/05/2015.

* Please do not use this link unless your app store on your iOS device(s) is configured to the UK. If your in another country please from your iOS device open the Apple app store and search for Citrix Receiver and tap to install it.

Buy Now
You can acquire the X1 Mouse online at –

Citrix Synergy 2015 Highlights

You can now watch both the Citrix Synergy 2015 Keynote (Day 1) and General Session (Day 2) on-demand at –

My Top 5 of Citrix Synergy TV 2015 On-Demand
I am still busy watching all the on-demand content so some of the below may change over time.

You can watch these and many more at

1: SYN324: HDX Refresh your Basic and Advanced Knowledge
2: SYN329: Deploying StoreFront
3: SYN322: Workspace Pod Technology
4: SYN208: CloudBridge: What’s new and What’s Hot
5: SYN319 – Tech update for XenApp and XenDesktop

Citrix Blogs
2: More coming…