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Welcome & Why Did I Start This Blog?
Before we get to the Why? I would to strongly recommend and remind our readers that you should always follow the documentation and leading best practices of the manufacturer, ISV, vendor e.t.c when implementing any/all products and or solutions discussed or mentioned within this blog.

I started this blog on the 19th of May 2013 and my name is Lyndon-Jon (L-J) Martin and I currently work for Citrix as a Senior Systems Engineer and I am also a Citrix Technology Advocate – in the UK living in London. You also most welcome to connect with on LinkedIn at – or follow me on Twitter at –

The core principle and intention of this blog is to provide a collection of posts/articles in text/html based format with the most important, right vs. relevant PoC deployment thoughts & insights, links to articles, videos, white papers, elearning, leading best practises, documentation and field experiences surrounding the different public cloud(s), product(s) and or solution(s) offered by various vendors, ISPs that I write about.

I’m also a massive fan of Tier3/4 data centres, Citrix HDX (3D Pro) technologies including XenMobile (its very different to all other EMM solutions) but I’m a huge advocate of all forms of IaaS (Public Cloud) used to deliver workspace workloads since joining and working for MSP in 2008 providing customers managed IaaS powered by VMware vCloud Director prior to my current role at Citrix – where I’ve delivered technical enablement sessions on many Citrix technologies in-person & virtually. I started utilising AWS EC2 in 2014 to deliver a XenApp 7.5 tech enablement workshop demonstrating and explaining Hybrid Cloud Provisioning (HCP) powered by AWS EC2 demonstrating the use of elastic XenApp based workloads or just for business continuity or DR scenarios.

I quickly realised before delivering the workshop that delivering virtual apps & desktops and eventually all workspace related workloads was going to happen quiet possibly sooner than what I thought delivered by either managed (VMware vCloud Director + MSP and now in 2017 Rackspace now off this service) or unmanaged (AWS and now Azure) public (IaaS) clouds.

Finally thoughts from me, remember you can always CHOOSE to disagree with me or any of our 3rd party author(s), contributor(s) posts but I (we) hope that you find this blog useful and informative.

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