Mobile Device, Application and Information Management

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Shortened Names

What is MDM?
It’s the capability to restrict the services and mobile applications provided by a mobile platform only e.g disabling of Siri on iOS, Chrome on Android via MDM API’s provided by the mobile OS. To achieve these capabilities and many more a MDM server e.g XenMobile Device Manager will request a mobile device to securely authenticate via a agent installed on the mobile OS e.g Citrix Enrol with a users organisational access details which will then present or rather enable the user to proceed with the MDM enrolment process i.e securely
downloading (HTTPS) and installing a secure organisation profile and MDM policies enforced by IT which effectively will restrict the devices capabilities to access mobile applications of the mobile OS or disable services e.g Disable Siri from been available when a iPhone or iPad is locked but when the user of the iOS device safely unlocks the iPhone or iPad with a pin code they can use Siri.

What is MAM?
It allows and enables your organisation to deliver safe and secure applications from your organisations data centre. This applications can be native mobile apps (iOS, Android), SaaS and Windows published applications which can now be repurposed with the Windows Mobile SDK – and to improve the users experience on a mobile device (iOS). As these are logical resources published or delivered and installed on an mobile device you can only lock the resources, perform a selective wipe or perform an erase of the data within the mobile apps (Published apps you simple disable that surest access via AD).

What is MApM?
It’s an acronym for essentially describing the ability to provide intelligent reporting against mobile apps via an agent on smart devices.

What is MIM?
It provides organisations the ability to take their trusted data held within internally only accessed Shared Areas, SharePoint sites e.t.c and allows organisational employees or 3rd parties i.e contractors the ability to download and potential edit office based documents, watch videos on corporate issued or BYO devices on or offline in a safe and secured environment with the ability to perform a wipe, lock or configure a poison pill against the organisational trusted data that is stored on the users device(s).

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