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Employee Personalisation Experience in Citrix Workspace

The Citrix Workspace experience always employees to personalise there workspace beyond the enterprise branding that IT may or may not enforce. So what can a use personalise?

The following options are currently available:

First Name
Last Name
Company Name (Optional)
Custom Avatar vs. Initials

The following shows the difference between with(out) an Avatar and does make a significant impact even as a Citrix employee that its my personalised workspace that I go to get work done.

How do you enable your own personal Avatar within your Citrix Workspace? I will be honest its not obvious and its driven by the Citrix Content Collaboration (ShareFile) platform.

1.Login into your Citrix Files (ShareFile) portal e.g or .com
2.Once you logged in you should be taken to “Dashboard” UI and in the middle of the web page at the top you’ll see your name e.g “Lyndon-Jon
3.Next to your name it will say “Add profile picture
4.It will then open up the “Edit Profile” web page and within the “Name and Company Details” area you’ll see parallel to your name “Profile picture” select “Upload” and browse to the picture that you will use and select it.?
5.Your picture will be upload and a green notification will appear above (right side) saying “Your profile picture has been updated.” which means your profile picture has been saved successfully.
6.Next login to your Citrix Workspace either the app or HTML5 portal and you’ll see your personalised Avatar appear instead of the standard initials Avatar. Note I did find that Citrix Workspace app across all my devices required either more than 1x refresh to propagate the new Avatar or sign-off/close Citrix Workspace app and re-login at the change propagated.

In closing you now have a personalised avatar within your Citrix Workspace available across all your devices as seen below, although I primarily use Apple devices you can see the experience persists from a HTML5 browser to the mobile and desktop apps for Citrix Workspace.

I have not checked what feature entitlement is required but considering that you personalise your Avatar in Content Collaboration its a little obvious at a glance, I will update this article in the future once I have fully investigate the entitlement required. This feature had positive impact on me that I believed a brief post about setting it up was a priority for me to share with the Citrix community.

The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Citrix.

Now who is ready for that 4 lettered Elephant?

The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Citrix.

GOOD LUCK Everyone!

Now who is ready for ready for that 4 lettered Elephant? Its 4 more sleeps as my youngest would say, Citrix have a microsite at – where you can start with Readiness activities or if you don’t have the time start by reading – however you CANNOT achieve readiness in 4 sleeps at this point in time, so please don’t push nor rush IT + Compliance teams at this point as this will naturally lead to mistakes that are overlooked vs. misunderstood vs. misinterpreted and will likely be continually missed moving forwards as the documentation around your readiness has been completed, that is until a #security indecent occurs like #mailware infection or a #hack that breaches your organisation and then compromises the #Pii of your employees, customers and 3rd parties.

It is never to late to start your Readiness activities however you will need to accept that you most likely will not be ready come the 25 May 2018 at this point. If you need help & support just ask your #Citrix representative or one of our Partners.

I originally posted the above on my LinkedIn feed on 21/05/2018 here –, including that even WordPress’s latest release allows for removal of “Personal Data” as a feature check it out – so if you blog using WordPress like I do i’d suggest that you perform this update :-).

Finally I am not Data, Privacy nor Compliance Practitioner or Officer so this blog serves as awareness only, so please please please if you are serious and want help and you prefer to remain anonymous even to trusted Citrix Partners about your Readiness status then I would strongly urge you and your organisation if your within the United Kingdom to please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website on the topic at – to get started today or visit the EU website for organisations outside of the UK but in the EU or global organisations outside of the EU for guidance – or

The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Citrix.